Working in English, French, and Spanish, we provide professional translation services to businesses, universities, museums, cultural associations, publishing houses as well as graphic design firms. Our fields of expertise include: travel and tourism, world cultures, archaeology, film, photography, and the visual arts in general. Within these areas, we translate books, magazines, presentations, websites, and so forth.

A large number of our clients have strong skills in foreign languages. In response to high demand, we also provide editing and proofreading services. Whether it is an important presentation or an email to a client, we will review your documents to ensure that the language, word choice, and message correspond to what was intended.

In today’s highly competitive world, both form and content are important factors in writing quality texts. This is why, in addition to our translation and editing services, we provide customized page formatting services, which include: page layouts, harmonization of font styles and layouts, automated indices and tables of contents. We are familiar with several document formats: Microsoft Office applications, Adobe Acrobat Professional, html, and so on.